CLEAR TALK Volume 1 | Issue 1

Mar 30, 2022 | Newsletter


“The pandemic has intensified the need for a digital shift.”

Professor Joël Le Bon, Carey Business School, Johns Hopkins University

Disaster planning from your Smart Phone

It’s 2 AM. Disaster has struck one of your facilities. Who do you need to call and what needs to be done to put your Emergency Response Plan (ERP) in place? If you hesitated, or maybe you don’t have a disaster relief plan in place at all, then your answer is Clear.

Organizations are undergoing digital transformations in every facet of their business, from revenue operations to human resources. Now it is time to digitize one of the least thought about, but most important processes you have: Disaster Planning. Clear’s PreDisaster Consulting and Restoration experts can help you design and deploy disaster planning right from your smartphone – regardless of your location and with real-time information. So you can take immediate action. Even at 2 AM.

Speaking of going digital, we thought it was the perfect time to send you Clear Talk, our quarterly newsletter to keep you informed of new advancements in PreDisaster planning and technology for when you’re ready.

We promise to send you interesting and actionable content in the hopes you can learn from us and benefit in the process.


Vince Scarfo, Principal with Clear

 A few years ago, I was lucky enough to attend a small event hosted by Constellation Energy, featuring former Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge. When asked about his top priorities during his tenure as Secretary he replied “Preparing for the unknown”.

I have heard too many devastating stories from companies who had not prepared for the unknown, whether that be a small pipe burst, or devastating hurricane. Like Secretary Ridge said, we cannot predict tomorrow. But, we can take steps now to mitigate unforeseen damage, and minimize downtime.

Clear designs ERP’s that can reside on an app on your smartphone, providing immediate access to your prescribed plan.  This can turn a large loss into a mitigated loss.

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