CLEAR TALK Volume 1 | Issue 2

Jun 7, 2022 | Newsletter

“One of Clear’s offerings I am most proud of is our delivery of services most don’t see…”

Vince Scarfo, Principal, Clear

The Lights Are Bright
On Clear

Have you seen our new sign brightly lighting up the southbound side of RT 97 in Millersville, MD? Clear has expanded beyond 403 Serendipity Dr, to our new home at 301 Serendipity Dr.

“We are extremely excited to expand Clear to our new 12.5K Sq Ft location just across the yard from what has remained an operational facility for Clear.” Chip Cunninghnam, CEO of Clear, says.  “The move allows us to expand our administrative staff, improve operational efficiency, support our continuing growth and stimulate innovation of deliverables.”

In addition to better serving you from our new location, we hope that our Clear Talk tips and updates help to keep you informed and equip you with the information you need to ensure you, your family or your business are prepared for any disaster.

IRS Offers Value Insight To Disaster Planning

Do you have a pre-disaster plan in place? Don’t wait until a disaster happens to make your plan. It will already be too late. On May 24, 2022 the IRS published, IRS Tax Tips, Issue number: Tax 2022-80 which addressed financial safety in disaster preparedness plans. Among the important tips and very useful suggestions offered, the IRS suggests that commercial and residential homeowners should have a disaster plan to include the security of important documents and a digital or video file of valuables; all of which are included in Clear’s PreDisaster planning.

The IRS provides a plethora of disaster assistance programs, and we suggest that the IRS’s Disaster Loss Workbook is worth the read.

Having a plan in place for important documents, projects and plans is especially important for business owners. Do you know who is handling critical documentation and data management?

We also offer industry specific solutions for pre-disaster plans and documentation for any size business.

Focus on your design vision. Leave the all-too-important documentation to Clear.

Want to learn more but unsure where to begin? Start by visiting our website or social media pages filled with the latest advancements in PreDisaster planning and technology your company can start using today.

We would love to hear from you.

Clear Cares
Helps Improve the
Grounds at Marly
Glen School

Clear Cares about our local community, and we recently visited Marley Glen School in Glen Burnie, MD to help give back and beautify the school grounds. Members of the Clear Team gave their time and skills as they volunteered alongside members of the Chesapeake Region Chapter of Community Associations Institute.

Project Coordinator, Samantha Sharp of Clear, who attended Marley Glen Elementary School, shared fond memories of the children of Marley Glen School as she worked to improve the grounds around the playground. “Helping improve the grounds around Marley Glen School gave me such pride as so many wonderful memories flowed through my head as we volunteered.” Said Samantha. Look for the Clear Team in the local community throughout the year as we volunteer our time and services to give back and help make a difference in our community.

Water damage baltimore md | Clear

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