As fall and cooler weather approaches, Clear: Restoration and Pre-Disaster Consulting wants to make sure you take extra care at home and at your business to minimize the risk of fires. Equally important is ensuring fire safety is taken seriously when intentional fires are set – we know fall is perfect for that family bonfire and making s’mores!

According to the U.S Fire Administration, the national estimate for building fires and losses in 2020 shows eye-opening data.


192,600 cooking fires
33,000 heating fires
27,800 other unintentional, careless fires
23,400 electrical malfunction fires

2,615 deaths
11,825 injuries
$8,604,400,000 in dollar loss


28,600 cooking fires
14,600 intentional fires
12,200 other unintentional, careless fires
6,800 electrical malfunction fires

95 deaths
1,025 injuries
$3,289,600,000 in dollar loss

With many people turning to space heaters or fireplaces to keep warm this fall and winter and extra time being spent in the kitchen preparing holiday meals, remember these important tips:

  • In case of an oven fire, turn off the oven and keep the door closed until it is cool. Have the oven checked by a qualified professional before using it again.
  • If you have a fire in your microwave oven, turn it off immediately. Never open the door until the fire is out.
  • Plug only 1 heat-producing appliance directly into a wall outlet at a time, and never use an extension cord with heat-producing appliances.
  • Have chimneys and vents cleaned and inspected by a qualified professional at least once a year.
  • Keep anything that can burn at least 3 feet from any heat source.
  • For intentional fires, store cooled ashes in a tightly covered metal container and keep it outside at least 10 feet from your home or any nearby buildings.
  • Never use gasoline to start or feed a bonfire.
Erik Aubel | Clear

We hope you are never impacted by a fire, but Clear: Restoration and Pre-Disaster Consulting is here 24/7/365 if you need us. Call us or visit our website to learn more about our pre-disaster consulting and post disaster recovery solutions. 

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