Mitigate Your Risk With a Proper Plan

Feb 1, 2022 | Industry

The number of businesses affected annually by water damage is staggering. Whether from a flood, like Annapolis, Maryland experienced a few months back, or when a 1” pipe burst inside a restroom wall in Wash DC last November, water damage can cripple any business.

“Even if water loss hasn’t sidelined your business yet, it’s best to be prepared for the inevitable,” says Vince Scarfo, Principal with Clear Restoration. He and his team have made it their mission to help building owners and property managers be proactive in case of a flood or unforeseen water damage. They create a concise, actionable plan that’s easy to follow and readily available for managers to access from any smart device, anywhere.

How can you prepare for water damage and mitigate your risk?

Vince offers these few useful tips: “Conduct a water risk assessment, flag shut-offs, develop a human risk plan, train your people, have the plan digitally accessible to key personnel and meet with your insurance team to review. Lastly, don’t wait until an emergency happens to take action; take action now while you can.”

A proactive plan from Clear helps to minimize property loss and work disruption to get your business and employees back to work faster.

Clear is a full-service restoration and consulting company specializing in pre-disaster planning, disaster restoration, content and textile pick-up, cleaning, storage, pack back and post disaster consultation.

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