Clear is thrilled to introduce Erik Aubel, Chief Operating Officer, and Kristina Terry, Chief Administrative Officer. Their industry expertise will allow the Clear Team to further deliver on our mission of efficiency, empathy, and excellence.

Erik Aubel | Clear
Erik Aubel
Chief Operating Officer

A native of Dayton Ohio, Erik was accepted to and attended the U.S. Naval Academy and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with department honors in 2000.

Erik was commissioned as a Marine Corps Officer, serving for more than 20 years, and commanded at levels from platoon size to deployed Marine Air Ground Task Force Levels. Erik was the commanding officer of Marine Support Squadron Afghanistan and the acting commander of Marine Forces aboard the USS New York for operations with Israel Defense Forces in 2017. He also served as the Watch Officer for all Marine Forces in Western Iraq in 2014 helping develop the battle plan for all operations in theater.

During his non-combat assignments Erik was an AV-8B Harrier Pilot, served as the Deputy Inspector General of the 2d Marine Logistics Group and as the Commander of Bogue Airfield. He also served as the Operations, Logistics and Executive Officer of the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force developing national and international policy on emergency response to nuclear, biological, chemical, radiological, and high yield explosive incidents. While serving in these roles he was also the Mission Commander for Initial Response Force 1, supporting multiple State of the Unions, presidential funerals, and other nationally significant events.

Following his retirement from the U.S. Marine Corps, Erik became the Manager of Facilities Operations for Baltimore Gas and Electric where he was responsible for all actions supporting the upkeep and development of assets which included 350 buildings totaling over 1.5 million square feet. He personally ran all emergency response to the Gas and Electric building incident in Dec 2020, a 12-million-dollar response saving a 110-million-dollar asset. He executed projects totaling 30 million dollars annually and managed a staff of 35 daily. Erik will now serve as Clear’s COO ensuring flawless execution of Clear’s portfolio of service offerings.

Kristina Terry | Clear
Kristina Terry
Chief Administrative Officer

Kristina Terry is a sought-out industry expert with nearly two decades of experience in disaster recovery entrepreneurship. Today she is Clear’s CAO leading all administrative engagements, guaranteeing by-the-book execution, and delivering unparalleled transparent communication with stakeholders. Her skill set reaches far beyond her vast understanding of data, she is also a critical leader in operational execution.

Pioneering a multi-million-dollar landmark full-service restoration firm from the ground up; Kristina has exceptional expertise in strategic development and executive leadership. She has played a title role in the start-to-finish management of administration, human resources, accounting, operations, and marketing; specializing in the development of products and processes to ISO 9001 certification standards, implementation of technology and automation, software utilization, establishing performance metrics, and all facets of business development. During organizational expansion, she has successfully led the replication of operations across the country.

For the last decade Kristina has been one of the industry’s most esteemed advisors, coaching restoration entrepreneurs through the evolution of their organizations with business plan development, implementation of efficient processes, and establishing short-term and long-term initiatives to drive strategic growth.

Kristina is extremely well versed in restoration best practices and has worked alongside property professionals to proactively ensure their needs are met and that the Clear team provides 100% accuracy of information with seamless communications.

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